Django in June

For Musicians

If our weekend performances are the public face of Django in June, our participatory activities for musicians are its heart and soul. Simply put, this music is just too much fun to leave to the experts. As it happens, the “experts” seem to agree with us on this point because an incredible collection of them from both coasts of North America as well as Europe join us each year to help you move forward in your playing, whatever your level. You can learn more about this year's artists on the page devoted to Artists & Staff.

As you can see below, participating musicians—on guitar, violin, accordion, mandolin and bass —will have two options for spending time here to study and djam to your hearts content.

Option 1: Full Django Camp! Tuesday, June 17th through Sunday the 22nd
In 2007 we offered the first music camp in the US dedicated to the Gypsy jazz tradition and every year since it has proved an incredible experience for all. For musicians who would really like to dig in—whether to build a strong foundation in the style or add another floor above the one you’ve got—Django Camp offers an opportunity for immersion, guidance and inspiration like no other.
More on Django Camp

Option 2: Weekend Django Camp
For those who would prefer to drop in for just a couple days of study and jamming, we'd love to offer you that option. See the links below:

  • Learn about Django Camp itself here.
  • Get an overview of the "weekend" Django Camp option here.
  • Get weekend costs and register here.



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